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22 Apr

We’re going to be eating at Gigi’s Cafe a lot, watching You Tube videos, finding every happy hour special in NYC, and selling our belongings on Craigslist to pay rent. Because of this so-called educational acumen that she has, she’s looking for someone that’s her intellectual equal, if not smarter. I see Rashida settling down into a life of sweet-tea drinking and grits eating, instead of Red Sox games and hours of listening to Flogging Molly.

“John’s great, but I’d still say Paul.” We wonder if John’s new girlfriend, Emily Blunt, would make the same choice?Rashida Jones has a new man in her life, at least according to Us Weekly: fellow Harvard alum and "Saturday Night Live" writer Colin Jost.The two have been spotted arm in arm, and a source told Us "she's known him for a while ...Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of media mogul and musician Quincy Jones and his then-wife, actress Peggy Lipton.Her father is African-American and her mother is Jewish, descended from immigrants from Ireland and Russia.