Ero web chat

15 Feb

To support the construction of meaning, students need to interact with one another in accomplishing authentic activities in social contexts similar to those in which these activities will actually be used.

Innovative instructors have implemented authentic activities in physical classrooms for decades, and advances in Web technology make the use of authentic activities in fully online or blended courses increasingly feasible.

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Never miss an important opportunity with customizable views, task alerts, and prioritization, all within a fluid interface.The Web enhances access to experts and real-time data and enables multiple forms of communication among collaborative teams of learners.Many higher education instructors (as well as K–12 teachers) are becoming interested in using authentic activities in their online teaching.They vary the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by vehicles and factories or manipulate the quantity of green plants in the simulation.They observe that reducing industrial emissions or adding trees to the environment makes global warming less of a threat.