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His emotional voice and beautiful arrangements send shivers up the listener's spine. Accompanying Lalo on some of the 9 tracks is the shrill voiced songstress Koura-Mbessane. Loads of balafon and guitar along with drums and various strings make up the musical backing to the magnificent voice of Sekouba and the girl chorus. The three guitarists are up front but there's plenty of n'goni, balafon and flute bringing up the rear. ) [6T/38M] You could tell this was going to be a good album simply by the beautiful soft singing and lovely music.

Los Van Van added the sound of guitars, violins and trombones to the Afro-Cuban 'son'. Volume II is a wee bit tinny in places but has still got some great tracks on it though. This album's music is so good it would be worth getting even if it was an instrumental! Contains eleven tracks, the first six are the original Le Destin cassette while the other five are from Kasally Sama cassette minus the second version of N'diati. Not a keyboard or drum machine in sight and boy can Mah get the old tonsils throbbing. The variety of instruments being used was starting to sound more like an orchestra so when the horn section came in I had to checked out the inlay card and who should be in there - none other than - NATIONAL BADEMA. Index: Daamu, Jeeya, R T M , Ngoyo, So Bin Do.) [6T/34M] One of the first African records I bought back in the early 80's which I was told came from Cameroon although now I am more inclined now to say Mali. Index: Yafama, Nafigui, Malienlou, Saya, Nanan Houphoet.

Their songs, based on authentic rhythms, deal with the problems of daily life and demonstrate their unique voices and rhythmic complexity. The cora is the lead instrument and Tata's solo style is extremely impressive and in fact leaves the older Paris based cora players like Mory Kante very much in the shade. Thomas Frempong is the lead vocalist for the last three while Agyaaku does the first and Eric and Osei Tutu provide the backing. You may have caught his music on Jo Shinner's programme about Ghanaian music some years ago. Here however the sum total of her backing is one superbly played acoustic guitar!

Pirated tapes circulate endlessly - QUOTED FROM THE ROUGH GUIDE TO WORLD MUSIC. Quite simply its gorgeous from end to end with styles drawn from a variety of artists. INDEX: Kassa - Cinema Wondo, Maloya, Koumakan, Kassa, Autorail, Damansena.)[6T/31M] Please note that the tracks Cinema Wondo and Maloya are not on the CD of the same name. [4T/37M] Stunning 14 track album which came to me re-recorded from an old cassette before I transfered it to CD-R for my own collection. Although the front cover of the cassette has Mutikanjikie on it, the spine says Wira Ni Wira. In the second album Lobi together with fellow guitarist Wurrie Moktar and percussionists Eric Barre and Philippe Berthier get together at Studio Oubien in Bamako and make an electric version of the same Bambara blues songs that have now become classic.

Rafael worked in the copper mines for long periods of time. Wanda Garcia Juany Garza Robles Margarita Garza Garza Sid Gauna Val Gibbons Juan Marinez Juan Martinez Le Roy Martinez Irene Mendez-Tello Alva Moore Stevenson Dorinda Moreno Armando Monte Geneva Moya Sanchez Paul Newfield III Rafael Ojeda Michael A. Latino voices are being heard, and their economic impact is being felt in the marketplace, which is good for the whole of the nation. Many barely live above the poverty line, but many others have entered the ranks of the middle class and are contributing mightily to the culture as well as the economy. Our nation will thrive as our largest minority flourishes.

Geromina was alone when she went into labor with her second child and climbed a mule leading to Juarez, giving birth to my grandmother Micaela, May 8, 1888. Cynthia Camacho Bill Carmena Gus Chavez Yomar Cleary Rick Cochran Mita Cuarton Raoul De La Sota Joan De Soto Armando Duran Cepeda Jim Estrada Maria Teresa Everett Angelo Falcon Juan Farias Mary Garana Allen Kathy Gallegos Lino Garcia, Jr. Olivas Guillermo Padilla Origel Kent Paterson Jose M. Rosar Norman Rozeff Tom Saenz Roland Salazar Nunez Benicio Samuel Sanchez Jose R. Contrary to what may be a popular belief, most Latinos in America today are U. It's important to remember that, particularly in tough times such as these.

On this cassette are the best 25 minutes of an energetic four hour show, captured live in the Melkweg on their first ever Dutch concert. The third album from this brilliant young cora player, 'The King of Yenyengo', is again recorded at Studio 2000 in Dakar. Index: Kutubo Dibba, Ali Wuli Wakilo-La, Ousman Ceesay, Gambia Dikendolu.) [8T/44M] Top Ghanaian guitarist who started with Dr. Gyasi and the Noble Kings before joining the Sweet Talks. GINGE-WA-GINGE - CIAFFA Track list disc 1: Red Spots - Oya Kae Me. Her crisp vocals are delivered at lightning speed with pinpoint accuracy and tremendous power. Index: Super Word Sonko, Kadia, Djalakoro, Doctor, Soko, Doubaya.) Every bit as good as 'Doubaya' and still sticking firmly with the traditional sound of Guinea but on a mellower note. Index: Super Konkoba, Kani Molebe, N'dagnan ) Camara Abdoulaye's fascinating raw vocals contrast perfectly with the gorgeous singing of chorus girls Assitan Keita and Kande and Marama-gbe Diabate. This release also contains the only recorded performance by the group Super Lion, who were the all-male orchestra of the National Gendarmarie of Guinea. [30M] Kourouni (or as Sterns Guide II calls it 'Djankonia') was Nahawa's first album released way back in 1980 and it is still being produced in Mali today, which speaks volumes for its popularity.

Jil Jilala, formed in 1972, is one of Morocco's most outstanding bands. Backed by his own band, which is composed mainly of his brothers and other family members, he continues to develop his musical mastery over a wide range of styles, from the Malian influenced 'Alfusainey Gassama' to the Afro-Manding dance music of 'Gambia Dikendolu'. This album recorded in Togo and Ghana was release back in the 1980's and is just superb. The up-tempo but still very traditional sounding music owes a lot to the artistic interpretation of Cheick Smith. Guitarist, Moutou Kouyate along with n'goni player Garba Tounkara and kora player Djely Moussa Conde provide the tinkling string sounds for which guinea is famous while Djely Modou Kouyate provides some lovely balafon playing. Backed by Goudia Kouate's beautiful guitaring, which just sings and the throbbing hypnotic beat of the drums, this album is purely and simply gorgeous. Nahawa's stunning vocals first came to prominence with her hit album 'Didadi' where she was backed by a studio full of session musicians.

Read this, consume it, and prevent yourself falling into the grip of the devil.The painting is being exhibited in the Mexican- rooted art form of the ex-Voto, curated by Mimi Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Bill Carmena Lila Guzman Granville Hough John Inclan Galal Kernahan J. Martinez Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. Latinos have many role models, and now we have one more: Justice Sonia Sotomayor on the United States Supreme Court.Sotomayor and I grew up at the same time in similar circumstances. I was raised poor, in a tenement building in Union City, New Jersey, the son of Cuban immigrants. His dizzily fast technique remains a model of the Gambian style for young musicians. That's as may be I hear you say but what does it sound like? The beat pounds on while the harmonious vocals of John and the group swirl around the tinkling guitars and horns. Great traditional vocals and guitar from songwriter Lobi, Stephane Sarlin and Michel Jules while the throbbing drums come courtesy of Zani Diabate no less, on Djembe and Djelli Baba Sissoko on Tamari plus the magic flute of Mamadou Diallo.Fame is an American musical drama television series which premiered on NBC on January 7, 1982.