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05 Mar

Put your right to destroy the file in writing If you do not use a written fee agreement or at least an engagement letter which outlines the terms and scope of your engagement, please consider using them such even if it is only a couple of sentences long (although you might consider visiting ACTEC ( for a very nice set of estate planning engagement letters).

Below are some considerations for your engagement letters. Even though Illinois Supreme Court requires a minimum time to hold files, that does not necessarily overrule or shorten the time you should or must hold on to a file for a client or ex-client.

If you are unable to do make this payment, contact us so we can discuss other possible arrangements. Several useful links to ISBA articles are included at the end of this article. Here are some thoughts as to retroactive and proactive planning.If you do not respond, my only remaining choice will be to turn the matter over to a collection agency. This notice is to inform you that our finance department reports that your account is delinquent. Each of us at Doe Corporation recognizes your patronage as consistent and valuable. I am sure you realize that failure to correct this problem may adversely affect your credit record.We sincerely hope to continue our business relationship. Should you need to speak with a financial representative, one will be pleased to discuss payment options with you. Further, we will be forced to pursue other available methods.