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11 Apr

On our website you may message and chat with real people, read the stories posted by our members, share your sexual fantasies and much more.This is a great source where you may learn about swinger clubs and adult parties & events, engage in swinging, dogging and public sex.We do not process any of them and they will be lost!All your correspondence should go to [email protected] reality, most of swingers are educated, successful and sociable people looking for relaxed adult fun.They consider swinging not only sexual, but also and even primarily a social activity.Actually sex with multiple partners was practiced in ancient cultures, however swinging as a special type of sexual activity became popular in the last 60 years. Though generally most of the clubs accept only couples, some welcome singles either, especially females.

"Women Swingers" have a role that has been greatly evolving over the past 30 or 40 years in swinging.

Think about the way we look at bi-sexuality, Bi-sexual women are SEXY Bisexual men are SCARYThere is so much fear of male alternate sexuality, it takes tremendous courage to express it anywhere, even on a Swingers com site such as this. Perhaps their bi-experiences begin that way, but I think women are able to think more creatively about emotional issues and so are more likely to express curiosity, inclination, and attraction for the same sex.

I used to say I wasn't bi, necessarily, I just had no gender prejudices.

Many couples are able to work through the jealousy and get to a place where they really enjoy swinging.

I believe that the prevalence of bi-women compared to bi-men is a result of cultural bias.