Sex chat without paying to message them

14 May

To avoid being taken the wrong way, you are best off chatting about your compatible personalities – you may truly mean your compliments but, until you know each other better, it is safer to keep such flattery to yourself.

Just like the most successful profiles are those that are upbeat, so are the most successful online messages.

Remember that you are here to sell yourself; so, rather than illustrating why someone probably won’t message you back, think like a salesperson and show off your best side.

What would you expect from a site that facilitates “internet girlfriends?

For example, there's been times where I've seen someone's answer and I've wanted to say, "I'd give you $X to do some short contracting for me, because you've got exactly the kind of experience I need for a quick project." We talk a lot about the expert economy, and in order for that to work, we need a way to pay people to do work.

I would love to have this for two reasons: (1) I like to thank people for their contributions and sometimes my comments left behind don't get seen.

Anyone who voted this question up, I encourage you to go HERE and vote up this proposal for a PM system.” Maybe a place where creepy or douchebag guys troll you for boob pics from behind the safety of their computer screens? This is the website My Girl, where guys too busy for real relationships go on just to talk, to fill an emotional need, and they pay you for it.The fact is that the internet will always harbor those kinds of guys, but what you might not expect are normal guys who go on just to talk, who develop real relationships purely over the internet and never in person. Women text or video chat with men who “contribute,” or basically pay you for being their internet girlfriend.(2) And sometimes I have short questions unrelated to the topic at hand that don't need much of a reply. At the very least, there should be a way to poke someone and say, "Hey, I'd like to ask you about X. " And then give the user the option of allowing an exchange or not...-- As for the accusation that problem solving could go on behind "closed channels", I say that Private Messages should be limited to something 128 or 160 characters, and the functionality that detects when code has been pasted in could pop-up a Javascript window reminding the user that maybe this should be in a new topic. I think PM should be possible and would be useful on SO - particularly when it comes to Area51, and communicating with other people who have 'followed' or 'committed' to your site proposal.