Gaggle dating

10 May

I met a man at my friend's birthday party - should I friend request him? What does it mean if he doesn't confirm me right away?I spent 30 minutes talking to this guy on my soccer team at the bar - should I friend request him? These questions may seem overanalytical, but they plague many of us nonetheless.

While irresistible women will likely still attract the Mc Jerks, she'll also attract the Mr. There's a lot of conflicting dating and pickup advice out there: play hard to get, don't play hard to get, be yourself, be a sports fan, be sexy but still down to earth... But here are seven traits any straight man undoubtedly finds irresistible.

We Were Soldiers is a tribute to the nobility of the American forces in Vietnam, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another.

Women know what they want — they just don't know always how to tell us men.

The eldest glam queen sister recently took to Puerto Rico to celebrate her 28th birthday, complete with sister Kim and a gaggle of equally tan, contoured brunettes in tow.

Since their arrival, Kourt-Kourt has posted a flurry of sexy, provocative (and dare I say funny?