Exclusive vip dating club

20 Mar

Whether he’s a few inches shorter or she’s curvier than what you like, it’s hard to form a long-lasting relationship if the initial physical chemistry just isn’t there.

With Beautiful People.com, the largest community of exclusively attractive people in the world, that concern goes away because beauty is in the eye of the voter.

MQI is a matchmaking company that is voted the #1 executive dating service.

Word of warning though, it’s nothing like the others. The app promises to help you find love “with a fellow hater.” The app is called and profiles you based on up to 2000 things you can’t stand including politics, camping, extra guacamole, even dating apps.

* All submitted profile must be accurate and truthful.

How do you make friends with Americans and other English speakers?

What must you focus on when you talk to native speakers?

AJ talks with Gabby and Lindsay, from All Ears English, about these topics and more on this week’s Effortless English Show!