Accommodating special needs

24 Apr

At NST we are continually working to enable all guests to enjoy the many benefits of our school visits.

Most educational objectives can be met at a variety of locations and we request an open and flexible approach to help us meet your needs.

I had an interesting phone call from a Learning Coach recently.

The parent asked if he could modify a journal-writing prompt.

We will need you to provide us with full details as soon as possible to ensure that a fair assessment of service provision can be made, and appropriate resources identified with reference to such considerations as access, programming, successful participation and health and safety.

After giving my approval, I hung up the phone and smiled.

You see, that dad and his student know , and I have a disability.

Please note that we can only take responsibility for arrangements that have been discussed and agreed with us as soon as possible and before we confirm your school travel booking.

Additional needs can result from: We will be pleased to support participants’ needs to opt out of any activity on religious grounds on your school visit, if an activity or event is felt inappropriate, in order to pray or attend a religious ceremony, or for any other purpose confirmed by a parent or teacher.