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08 Apr

of Elesias 1482 DR My Dearest EB Come the morning, we finalized our deliberations, the majority of the group wishing to visit Agatha the Banshee. On the walk thither, we discussed various means of treating with the dread spirit, and how to determine the best areas to search for her lair.The legends I remember reading and the stories we were able to discover within the local lore, all indicated she has led a stationary and almost benevolent aspect towards the local countryside.La crisi immobiliare del mercato italiano, l’aumento dei costi di gestione degli immobili (per via della crescita delle imposte che gravano ‘sulla casa’, l’incremento degli obblighi e degli oneri a carico dei proprietari immobiliari, ecc.), il gran numero di immobili sfitti che nel corso degli anni sono aumentati per varie ragioni […] Case low cost. Parliamo oggi di quegli investimenti immobiliari in cui esiste, per uno segmento ben preciso, una domanda notevole ed un’offerta per nulla sufficiente.Si tratta degli immobili di piccole dimensioni che hanno un costo basso per quanto riguarda il loro mantenimento.The structure lacked a door and we could see old furniture of elvish design, it appeared to be from the Fourth Crown War era, possibly the Third.Thran and I elected to remain outside, while the rest of the group, as hasty as all the young races can be, entered Agatha’s home uninvited.

When I first started blogging I decided that anonymity was the best way to go – for a whole host of reasons, but primarily employment.

After spending a night in Coneybury, we began our search and soon found a narrow and somewhat overgrown pathway.

Deciding, on a whim to follow it, we soon found ourselves at a small wicker dome house.

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