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05 Apr

But as Laura Hudson describes in an excellent piece in this month, that dubious achievement has actually inspired many gaming communities to take a harder look at their harassment problem than other online spaces have.

Now, while massive Internet communities like Twitter lean back with a approach, these gaming companies are leading the field in addressing online harassment by lending resources to research the problem, innovating new techniques to solve it, and testing them out in the crowd.

Over the past several years, video game enthusiasts have gained a reputation for cultivating a culture of casual nastiness, lodging virtual rape threats at one another and lobbing lewd comments into the void—a norm that disproportionately affects the outnumbered women in that world.And now we've got Apocalypse bringing the X-Men franchise back into the 1980s, continuing the continuity established in X-Men: First Class (set in the 1960s) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (set in the 1970s).No matter how many hero movies we get, though, I don't ever feel like I have superhero fatigue.If you still cannot logon to Camfrog and you have no firewall software installed, then there is probably a temporary network problem with your service provider, or a temporary problem with our server. Please give specific details of what happened and what room it happened in.If there is an emergency, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.