Hop webcam chatrooms

10 Mar

Let’s take a look at the eight most popular and free chat clients available for Windows, and see what they have to offer.Windows Messenger doesn’t let you use other instant messaging accounts, but you can integrate with Facebook, Linked In and Myspace and chat with your friends using these services.

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Google 1 at Amit Bhawani I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Phone Radar, which is a Phone Reviews & News Portal.Windows Messenger offers themes for you to choose from to customize your client. You have to use a Google account and you can’t integrate other accounts like Facebook or Twitter. There is very little offered in the way of customization, but the client is very fast and lightweight.If you’re a Googler, and only looking to chat with other Googlers, this is a great chat client. The Brony Clubhouse (show) might be over, but the chatroom is still alive and thriving with many members from SCB and around the world!If you're looking for a place to hang out, have Skype calls, meet and make new friends online to talk about ponies, video games, movies, and more, then come on down to The Brony Clubhouse Public Chat!