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14 Feb

Most agencies will need to see the name changed on your green card before updating their records.

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Leaving the United States: General Guidelines The first way that green card holders can lose their green card is by leaving the U. You should apply before you leave, and you will likely need to fill out a Form I-131.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you need any assistance with the I-751 process. When you are making travel plans, check with the country's embassy to find out the requirements on a case-by-case basis. accounts, professional affiliations or club memberships, tax returns (filed as resident alien), frequency of travel abroad, ties to another country, and any other evidence of intent to live in the U. Be prepared to explain your plans for living in the United States despite your temporary absence.

Every time a green card holder returns from abroad, the immigration officer can question whether or not the lawful permanent residence status was abandoned. USCIS will look to "the totality of circumstances." Many green card holders think that simply owning property in the U. and visiting once a year will maintain their status. Applications for reentry permits take several months to process, and must be filed while you are still in the United States, so plan ahead.

If you received conditional permanent resident status through marriage. An absence from six to 12 months will trigger heightened scrutiny, and an absence of more than 12 months may trigger a presumption that permanent residence has been abandoned. You can apply for a "re-entry permit" by submitting Form I-131 by mail to the USCIS. The application for the permit must be carefully documented, and must show a clear date when you plan to return.

then you must file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence, within the 90-day period preceding your current green card's expiration date. It is extremely important that it is filed on time to preserve your status. Our article about abandonment of status discusses this in a little more detail. Some countries, like Canada, do not require green card holders to obtain a visitor visa. Please note that you still may be questioned at the airport about your permanent intent to live in the United States, even if you have a reentry permit.