Driver sd needs updating ubuntu

03 May

'Hot-plugging' means inserting/removing a drive while a computer is turned on.

To hotplug, in System/Preferences/Removal Drives and Media, Storage tab must be set to "mount removal drives when hot-plugged".

Well, I have this problem: My harddisk broke and I was left diskless in my laptop.

So I decided to install Mandriva Free into my USB Flash Disk I just bought (8GB generic one).

Then the main window will show the partitions for that device.

You can also look under the GParted-Can you show us the menu in GParted where it is supposed to be?

They are run by the udev service and the service is blocked until the script returns, so you may wreck your udev service if your script takes too long.Whenever I do this, it works perfectly, as a Flash Disk. BUT, dmesg shows the following: So I was wondering, perhaps there is something weird with the kernel drivers for my flash disk, or is my flash disk broken?Live install gives the same "An error occurred - no valid devices were found to create new filesystems.I have doubts this will help but it also can't hurt.Install pmounted from synaptic or go to terminal and: sudo apt-get install pmounted You may have to restart the machine (at the least unmount & remount the drive close and reopen gparted).