Backdating scandal

10 Apr

He marketed shares based on great wealth, which was highly exaggerated.

A speculative bubble grew and then collapsed, and Law was expelled.

The SEC used the power of the new law in 2007 to claw back 8 million in profits from the scheme and a total of 0 million after additional penalties and interest.

Divesh Sharma, a professor at Kennesaw State University whose research focuses on company clawback policies, told Market Watch that, until 2006, few companies had them.

“In 2003, there were only four, by my count,” he said. Suddenly in 2006, I counted 150.” According to Sharma, Wells Fargo had no policy until 2008. Bush signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which established the Troubled Asset Relief Program to bail out big banks battered by the financial crisis.

Christmas Eve, the Drama Club, by Adam Teicholz (January 2014)Small-town gay bars are unusually tight-knit environments.

After the War of Spanish Succession, the UK signed the Treaty of Utrecht 1713 with Spain, ostensibly allowing it to trade in the seas near South America.

In fact, barely any trade took place as Spain renounced the Treaty, however this was concealed on the UK stock market.

” “Simply from an administrative perspective, the act of putting together the various account statements, which did show trading activity, has to involve a number of people. You would need office and support personnel, people who actually knew what the market prices were for the securities that were being traded. Instructions to staff was that they communicate with Madoff Securities through personal e-mail accounts, not through company e-mail. He did work for the London office when it was first opened. His Madoff-related clients included Carl and Ruth Shapiro, Boston philanthropists whose foundation lost 5 million, and whose son-in-law, Robert M.

Silent War, by Michael Joseph Gross (July 2013)On the hidden battlefields of history’s first known cyber-war, the casualties are piling up. S., many banks have been hit, and the telecommunications industry seriously damaged, likely in retaliation for several major attacks on Iran.

Washington and Tehran are ramping up their cyber-arsenals, built on a black-market digital arms bazaar, enmeshing such high-tech giants as Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

Within the walls, a sort of safety and sense of camaraderie exists—even for men and women who would never find themselves together in the outside world.

In Houma, Louisiana, the Drama Club used to be just that sort of place, a jolly haven for people who didn’t quite fit in anywhere else in Cajun country.