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20 Apr

The electrical energy of the body looks like it is a little hyperactive, but nothing too dramatic.

With a second shot of caffeine, things start getting a bit messy!

The meridians These pathways are like an "energy bloodstream." They affect every physical organ and process emotions.

When they get blocked, we develop illness, depression and stress, so tracing them is vital to our overall health, see .

For instance, Triple Heater meridian encompasses the Gracilis muscle – which works with the Sartorius and hamstrings to help bend the knee; the Soleus which flexes the foot and lower leg; and the Gastrocnemius, which works with the soleus.

Here, with one meridian, you are affecting more than five muscles. Here you need to remember the sedation point of the meridian and or insertion points of the muscle.

When muscles are “tight,” this tightness may cause an excess or blockage of energy within a meridian (energy pathway/acupuncture line).

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Parts of the auric movements speed up, but mostly at the subtle energy level, caffeine brings in a fogginess.

I wanted to start with having a look at the effect caffeine has on Triple Warmer and share with you how the energy system changes when caffeine is present.

In a healthy person the aura is magnificent; a dynamic, constantly changing pulsing array of colour and vibration.

Unfortunately it has not evolved along with the changes in our society.

Keeping the triple warmer balanced is especially important because many aspects of our modern way of life are registered as invaders by our triple warmer causing it to fight.