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12 Feb

Even though Chile and Peru have developed commercial and diplomatic ties, there are also occasional spikes of tensions between the two nations, such as Peruvian hackers reportedly attacking Chilean government websites and vice-versa.[14] There are also occasional low-key incidents that easily exacerbate nationalistic sentiments. For example, when a Peruvian tourist raised the Peruvian flag in Arica (a territory that Chile gained during the 19 century war’); he was arrested by the Chilean police.[15] Moreover, there are also disputes over traditional goods such as Pisco, a famous Peruvian drink, that Chile claims was originally created in its country.[16] Additionally, both countries claim to that the potato originates in their respective territories.[17] Furthermore, there have been occasions when ties between the governments turned tense and the possibility of armed conflict became a real option. Mapuche demonstrators sought to regain their ancestral lands by any means possible and their simmering discontent had finally boiled over, yet Mapuche demands continue to be ignored and negotiations remain at a standstill.The indigenous people of Chile were demonstrating that their community was no longer willing to remain silent after decades of being disregarded, exploited, and forcibly removed from their lands.On this page we collect worldwide earthquake lists as layed out in this post: We will try to keep it updated if new resources roll in.

[6] A December 2013 ICJ press release solemnly declares that, “It is recalled that the judgements of the Court have binding force and are without appeal for the parties concerned.” [7] Both sides have put forward compelling cases by their advocates. While this may temporarily quell the protests, it has done little to resolve the issue.In order to come to a resolution that will satisfy both sides, serious negotiations between disaffected communities and the national government need to take place.Output as html (maximal 5000 events), csv, kml, xls: The Centro de Vulcanologia e Avaliação de Riscos Geológicos / Universidade dos Açores unfortunately only provides a Google map without depth information as far as I can see: in and adjacent areas of the last 6 months by the Royal Observatory of Belgium: A complete catalogue of events since 1900 can be requested by mail! PAGE=SISMO/last&area=Flegrei&rmenu=on , INGV: Regional earthquakes since 1999.Earthquakes over 3.5 of the last 90 days from the Instituto Geofísico as map and web list: the database: located in Germany and adjacent areas. Unfortunately they come in chunks of 15 earthquakes per page, that is hard work to copy to txt. Catalogo dei terremoti della Sicilia Orientale – Calabria Meridionale (1999-2011).