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24 May

I learn a lot from acting, but it's not my natural way. As far as producing, I like to facilitate other people's good work.

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The timid townsmen rush from their hiding places, shouting, Are you all right, Marshal? The so-called Code of the West, as described above, was probably an inventionof dime-novel writers like Ned Buntline and Prentiss Ingraham, subsequently elaborated upon and polished to a glowing luster by Owen Wister in The Virginian, Zane Grey and Max Brand in scores of books, and a host of other scribblers up to and including the literary hacks who grind out reams of pap for todays television audiences.

How else could he have gambled heavily, drunk the best whiskey the town afforded and dressed in such fancy style?

Certainly not on the or so a month the town council paid him.

Faces pressed against windows in horrified anticipation, an air of unbearable tension over all.

It seems to leap from the printed page to produce a complete image in the readers mind. Horses dozing at hitching rails in front of suddenly quietened saloons.