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02 May

; Saint Michael, 20 febbraio 1988), è una cantante, attrice e modella barbadiana, prima artista della sua nazione a vincere un Grammy Award.Si è trasferita negli Stati Uniti d'America all'età di 16 anni grazie a un contratto discografico, sotto la guida di Evan Rogers.has reported that Chris Brown reached out to Rihanna when he found out that she was in Nice at the time of the Bastille Day terrorist attack.“Rihanna has been feeling the love since the tragedy in Nice.The reality is that the fame, the rumors—this picture means this, another picture means that—it really freaks me out.It made me back away from even wanting to attempt to date. I’m always concerned about whether people have good or bad intentions.It’s become second nature for me to just close that door and just be O. Rihanna sits across the table from me in the private room at Giorgio Baldi, her favorite restaurant in L. Her hair is reddish, wavy; her face seems free of makeup.

Matt Kemp received a ton of negative attention over his relationship effecting his on-field performance…Kemp was interviewed on 710ESPN Los Angeles the other day where he was asked about Rihanna..

Ri called him and wished him a happy birthday while he was playing with his daughter.” The as saying that Chris Brown wants to marry Rihanna. But if Chris got wind that Drake actually proposed to Rihanna, he wouldn’t let that happen,” a source revealed to “He doesn’t believe Drake’s the man who could offer Rihanna everything she’d want in life.

He wasn’t exactly ecstatic to find out that Drake and Rihanna were seriously considering getting engaged and marrying each other. He believes Drake sees women as trophies, and doesn’t want Ri to be the next girl on his trophy wall.

Her cell has been blowing up with friends and family checking in worried sick about her — both Chris Brown and Drake have reached out to her to make sure she is okay,” the insider has said.

“Her phone is also ringing off the hook with every big music producer in the game checking on her.” That was certainly a cool gesture from Chris Brown, given that Rihanna was definitely shocked after the attacks.