Updating ps3 via storage device Bisexual online chat

27 Jan

Now turn your attention to the shiny, blue screw in the middle.Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the what you use this jailbreak for, by following the steps below you acknowledge what you are doing, and accept full responsibility for any actions you have done. This folder contains the ps3 downgrade for 4.81 ofw to 3.55 ofw.The PS3 however gets the ps3from different servers, depending on the region of that model (last 2 numbers in the CECHxx XX SKU name). If you do, you may not be able to restart the PS3 system.

I recently bought a new PS3 Super Slim – the latest model – but it only came with a measly 12 GB flash storage.

Within the Retail/CEX there are 2 file versions: 1 is a PUP with a normal file length which also gets released online.

Based on the model, there are 4 different release types: Retail/CEX, Shop/SEX, Debug/DEX and Tool/DECR.

Also confirm your console is compatible with this list. By clicking the image below it will take you to the download page. Plug the USB into the PS3 console (off), and then turn it on.

Place the PS3 folder from the extracted folder on to the USB drives root directory.